CPMI maintains a team of local property management professionals with specialized knowledge to provide management, leasing and property consultancy services for all matters related to property administration. This integrated property development consultancy follow the building program of concept design stage, pre-operation stage and operation stage. Several studies can be conducted for the owners from the concept to the operation stage including: Design Review, Building Services and Operations Set-Up.


The Marketing Department provides leasing services to Condominium Unit Owners of the various units under its management portfolio, as well as resale services for Unit Owners who would like to dispose of the same.

At times it also functions as Lease Contract Administrators, implementing all the provisions of the Lease Contracts of Units leased out, including rental collections, payment of utilities and dues, annual duties, and such other services required by the Tenant/Owners.

Owners need not worry on their vacancies, as CPMI has a marketing division that was formed and established as part of its value added services to managed properties, with the end in view of assisting Unit Owners in leasing their properties, through regular rentals or dispose via sale to secondary market.

This allows the Property Manager to enhance its collection efficiency of the monthly dues/utilities, as it lessens the vacancy ratio of the building/property and allows it to implement the plans and programs to operate the building/property more efficiently.


CPMI's Property Management is a structured management and operations of the common areas of an existing building, or complex of buildings and infrastructures, with the objective of enhancing the value of the property for the economic advantage, as well as secure and safe occupancy of its owners.

The 8 disciplines encompassed in CPMI's property management are General Administration, Accounting and Financial Services, Technical and Engineering Services, Housekeeping and Sanitation, Security and Safety, Management Information System, Customer Care and Public Relations.

CPMI has its own Divisions for each of the disciplines of property management, and is efficient in providing a 24/7 emergency support, as well as corporate support services to all its managed properties. The difference spelled by CPMI from the rest of the players in the industry is its Matrix Operations, whereby its onsite operations from the onsite team are supported by its corporate team.
CPMI's Property Management services are spurred by the following underlying concepts:

         • Enhanced Property Value and Systems of Operations
         • Secure and Safe Lives and Property
         • Cost Effectiveness and Savings
         • Service Maximization
         • Planned Preventive Maintenance
         • Customer Satisfaction
         • Compliance with Related Government Mandates
         • 24/7 Emergency Support

CPMI specializes on the management and operations of "smart" or "intelligent" high-rise prime and high-grade structures, having in its managed portfolio the tallest and the best residential buildings and the prime office buildings in the country.

CPMI's Facilities Management, similar to Property Management, is a structured management and operations of the common areas of an existing building. While the major expertise required Facilities Management is engineering and technical services, 8 disciplines are normally enveloped in this service line of CPMI; these are general administration, housekeeping and sanitation, security and safety, management information system, and customer care and public relations.

CPMI approach for Facilities Management is preventive rather than corrective, having in mind the benefits of –
         • prolonged life of equipment
         • efficient operations and maintenance
         • safety of lives and properties, and
         • cost effectiveness and savings
         • compliance with related government mandates

In Facilities Management, CPMI offers is proficiency in energy resource and conservation, reaping significant savings for the building owners.

While Property and Facilities Management services are concerned with the building common areas, CPMI established its Maintenance Management Services, as ancillary services, in response to the minor technical service needs of a building's in-room or occupied spaces; ensuring that building requirements for both common areas and occupied spaces are properly and efficiently serviced promptly.

CPMI maintains a pool of qualified and multi-skilled technical crew, who are on-call 24/7.


The Marketing Department provides Estate Management services, particularly to Absentee Owners, commonly foreign investors who do not have the means to physically attend to their condominium unit investments in the Philippines, manage and maintain its affairs in coordination with the Condominium Building's Management Body, as well as sourcing tenants for their investment to be revenue generating, administering the same, providing tenant relations and such other maintenance and management services,  in the most professional way.

CPMI has designed Estate Management Services for these types of Owners to handle the following services, including but not limited to:
         • Unit Valuation
         • Unit Maintenance
         • Periodic check-up
         • Leasing
         • Lease Contract Administration
         • Rental Collection
         • Payment of Annual duties/taxes
         • Insurance coverage
         • Periodic Reports to Owner


Public auctions are a means toward fast & efficient liquidity of assets.  Recent auctions conducted by several banks have suggested that this method of disposal is both cost-effective for the selling bank and accelerates closing of transactions, which would have otherwise taken months to consummate. The Marketing Division has formed a team dedicated to this particular service most especially for banks with large inventories of acquired assets.


Survey and assessment of any property type, particularly of properties listed in the Bank's acquired assets portfolio, to determine its current general condition, needs, occupancy and marketability for eventual disposal or lease, and analysing the proper valuation thereof vis-à-vis its book value/indicative price, zonal valuation, as well as ongoing market rates, which covers both the consolidated properties as well as those under redemption.

For property search specific to client's needs such as built-to-suit property types/facilities particularly for call centers and/or other BPO (business process outsource) &/or IT related industries.

For some specific properties being considered for development - - determining its highest and best use.


Management of prime golf and country club properties throughout the country.


Management of hotels in the central business district as well as resort located outside the CBD


This service includes wiring of properties and rooftop communications management to ensure sustainability of Smart Buildings.


Asset Management, encompasses all aspects of the leasing, sales & management of the Bank's assets, and maximizing return. In particular, this service is appropriate for condominiums if the Bank owns a substantial number of units in a single building, residential or commercial, or such other real properties the bank wishes to dispose of.The main services can be summarized as follows:

• Advice on marketing strategy, best use, development concepts, rental &/or sale rates
• Locate appropriate client/tenant and document sale or lease agreements &/or negotiations
• Negotiation of lease renewals
• Prompt collection and remittance of security deposit, rental and condominium dues and utility bills
• Property inspection and inventory upon move in/move out
• Arrangement of insurance appraisal and appropriate cover, and payment of insurance premiums and realty taxes
• Enforcement of lease contract provisions/lease contract administration
• Representations with the Association Board on Bank's/Client's behalf
• Response to tenant queries and complaints